Anaktae, previously Two Is Company, was established by Dianna Karvounis and Vivian Philippa in 2009.
Dianna Karvounis is an industrial designer with a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York. Vivian Philippa studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. Her experience includes design for the theatre and museums, the restoration of historic buildings, hotel refurbishment and landscape design.

Bridging the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and objets d’art, all their work has a distinct aesthetic that could be defined as neo-archaic.
Inspired by ancient symbols and geometries, they create archetypal forms whose dynamism derives from their innate harmony. The ancient Greeks called it “the golden ratio”:  the perfect balance between proportions and volumes.

Rooted in a deep appreciation of craftsmanship, every piece is hand-made to order from natural materials such as bronze, marble and wood. Striking a balance between austerity and sensuality, these objects convey their own enigmatic but unmistakable atmosphere.

Based in Greece, their work is in private collections, cultural foundations, museums, and galleries worldwide.

Ionic Lamp | Anaktae

marble base with brass applied design