From left to right:

Mattia Bonetti, Olivier Gagnère, Eric Schmitt, Agnès Kentish, Eric Robin, Eric Jourdan, Christian Ghion.

Since 1983, the gallery En Attendant les Barbares has been the principal editor of Garouste & Bonetti, whose influence on design has been major. We have also devoted several exhibitions to Elizabeth Garouste.

The approach of the gallery is to provoke encounters between renowned artisans of art, such as Mr Pïerre Basse, former ironsmith of Diego Giacometti, and designers of the 21st century.

These craftsmen put their exceptional know-how to the service of Eric Schmitt, Olivier Gagnère, Christian Ghion, Eric Jourdan, Eric Robin and Matt Sindall.

In 2016, as part of the exhibition ‘Filiations’, four young designers joined the gallery: Célia Bertrand, Margaux Keller, Philippine Lemaire, and the Slovene Nika Zupanc.