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Andrée Putman is probably the most famous French designer.

She has undoubtedly marked the end of the 20th century, through her many projects both in France and abroad.

Her creative bulimia and her ability to adapt, her insatiable curiosity and her eclecticism inspired her to carry out large-scale projects: hotels, museums, shops, private houses, furniture and decoration for ministers of the state.

In parallel to this intense activity, she re-edited pieces by Jean Michel Frank and Eileen Gray, immense talents of the 30s and 40s, through her gallery Ecart.

In 2009, she was, for the first time, the subject of a personal exhibition in the gallery En Attendant les Barbares. She chose as her theme, the box, an object that she has always collected.

Andrée Putman is an Officer of the Legion of Honor, Knight of Arts and Letters and has numerous distinctions: Good Design Award (USA), Modernism Design Award (USA), Design Oscar, European Grand Prix of Interior Architecture (Germany).

In 2011, a retrospective of her career honored her at the Paris City Hall.

Energy, discipline, thirst for culture, Andrée Putman is the icon par excellence of a certain art de vie à la française, where behind an assumed elegance, irony and insolence are never very far away.

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