Since its beginnings, the gallery has regularly offered exhibitions. They can be personal or collective, with renowned or beginner designers. This is how, as a newcomer to design, Eric Schmitt presented his first pieces in 1990, during his first personal exhibition. Six months later, Garouste and Bonetti, then awarded the Grand Prix Créateurs du Salon du Meuble, surprised the collectors with a series of unexpected pieces. Since then, Garouste and Bonetti have separated. Elizabeth Garouste has been the subject of two personal exhibitions and Mattia Bonetti has participated in several group exhibitions. The themes of the group exhibitions are diverse: fantastic visions of Fantasmagories, creations created and produced  by the designers themselves during the confinement (Homemade), tributes to Diego Giacometti (Diego Giacometti Forever) and  Andrée Putman,  retrospective for the 25 th.anniversary  of the gallery (En Attendant 25 ans).



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