Mattia Bonetti

Mattia Bonetti

Mattia Bonetti is a multidisciplinary artist.

He began his artistic career as a photographer, staging small sculptures that he had created. The Samia Saouma gallery devoted an exhibition.

It was then that he associated himself with Elizabeth Garouste and, for twenty years, they formed the most distinguished duo of designers of the end of the 20th century, Mattia expressing his talents as a draftsman.

In complete contrast with a computer drawing, every project is created from mind to hand; his elaborate drawings which expresses the poetry of each of his creations.

In 2001, after a retrospective at the Grand Hornu (Brussels), Garouste & Bonetti separated, while continuing to entrust the publishing of their joint creations to the gallery En Attendant les Barbares.

Perfectly trilingual, Mattia Bonetti then moved with great success towards a career oriented in the USA and Great Britain where he exhibited in avant-garde galleries such as Paul Kasmin gallery in New York or David Gill, London.

In 2002, he won the prestigious Best Original Design Award.

From a humble Ricard carafe, to the conception of the choir of the Cathedral of Sainte-Etienne in Metz, Mattia Bonetti, in an incessant exchange between art and design, knows how to express his highly original talent, backed up by a perfect mastery of realisation.


Mattia Bonetti by Reed Krafoff - Rizzoli USA (2010)

Mattia Bonetti Vol. 1 & 2 by Jacqueline Du Pasquier & Jean-Jacques Wattel - Editions Louvre Victoire (2015)

Mattia Bonetti – Galerie Italienne

Boy Scout Small Table | Mattia Bonetti Silvered cast aluminum frame.
Boy Scout Small Table | Mattia Bonetti

Silvered cast aluminum frame.
24 numbered examples + 2 artist proofs + 2 prototypes.