Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-lampe-lamp-cobra-bronze-poli-or
Lamp Cobra | Mattia Bonetti

Polished bronze, shade. Other finishes: black, green, brown patinas. On request: gilded with gold leaf: white, yellow, pink.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-small-table-gueridon-boy-scout-bronze
Boy-Scout Small Table | Mattia Bonetti

Patinated Bronze. Limited edition of 30 numbered examples.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-standing-lamp-lampadaire-cobra-bronze
Standing Lamp Cobra | Mattia Bonetti

Black patinated bronze. Other patinas available: polished gold bronze, green, brown, or gilded with white, yellow or pink gold leaf. Limited edition of 30 examples by patina.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-small-table-gueridon-diego
Side Table Diego | Mattia Bonetti

Cast bronze. Patinas: green, brown, old gold, brown, black or polished bronze. Choice of two sizes: diameter 45 cms height 64 cms, or diameter 37 cms height 61 cms.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-lampe-lamp-cobra-bronze
Lamp Cobra | Mattia Bonetti

Black patinated cast bronze. Other finishes: gold, green, brown, or gilded with gold leaf (yellow, white, or pink)

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-small-table-gueridon-boy-scout
Boy Scout Small Table | Mattia Bonetti

Silvered cast aluminum structure. Limited edition of 24 numbered examples + 2 artist proofs + 2 prototypes. Soon, in a patinated bronze version.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-lampe-lamp-kiss-kiss-fer
Kiss Kiss Lamp | Mattia Bonetti

Patinated, hand-wrought iron.
Other finishes: black, gold or gilded with white, pink or yellow gold leaf.

Mattia Bonetti - mattia-bonetti-lampe-lamp-kiss-kiss
Gold Kiss Kiss Lamp | Mattia Bonetti

Hand wrought patinated iron, gilded feet, white or gold leaf.